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Why Do We Need A State Party Platform ?

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As it stands now, we as a State Party do not have an official Platform.

We have been asked why we need a platform. The answer is simple. A Platform is a document of ideas that guides Republicans and Elected Republican Officials. A Platform is a document that defines our State Party. A Platform is a document that sends a clear message to the voters about what we believe and how we see the world. This document provides our National Party with a sense of how we the Republicans of Florida think and act on issues.

We believe we need a State Platform. We will do everything within our power to develop a platform for our State Party and get it ratified.

We need your assistance. On the pages that follow, you will have an opportunity to lend your ideas and thoughts. If you would like to endorse this effort or become actively involved in it's creation, please let us know.

As Republicans we believe there needs to be a structured definition of our State Party goals and ideals. As Republican voters, we are out numbered on both the State and National level. Now more than ever we as Republicans need a clear message, to allow us to retain our base and build a larger one in the months and years to come.

We hope that you will be a part of this historic event. Please spend some time and send us your ideas and thoughts.

How Can You As A Republican Participate ?

This initiative is a grassroots initiative. It was started by a group of concerned Republicans. As a group we are reaching out to all Florida Republicans, in an effort to garner feedback. We need your assistance in drafting this platform.

On the pages that follow you will see examples of other State Party platforms. You will also be able to submit your ideas and thoughts. All of the platform language we receive will be reviewed and included in our committee discussions.

You have an opportunity to help shape the future of the Florida Republican Party. Please take the time to let us know what you would like to see in a Party Platform.

If you would like to be listed as a Republican that supports the idea of a Florida Republican Party Platform please click here

Existing State Platforms

Please take sometime and listen to Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogden as he talks about the Oklahoma Platform Initiative. Brogden Interview

We would like to acknowledge those State Party's that have established and ratified a Platform. Your efforts serve as inspiration to the Republicans of Florida. We too will be working hard to further publish the ideals and values of the Republican Party.







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